get well soon, buddy

I have been identified as an ambitious person since i was a child. I watched national competition titled Putri Indonesia and said to my aunt sitting next to me, “nanti aku lho yg di atas panggung situ”. I exactly remember what my aunt said in that time, “aamiin, makanya jadi anak yg pinter”

I am always surrounded by people with learning habit so that indirectly build my habit too. It isnt acceptable by all of people around me. Luckily i had met a special one. He made all of my dreams more alive. He dedicated for me, thaugt me everything and gave me what i have never gotten before.

Now he has been spending his time in a hospital for months. I wanna stay awake for him as long as i could, but the truth is i couldnt.

Due to some reasons i just could mention your name in my every pray. May Allah takes away his illness till i can see his shining smile then.

This note i write after i got messages from his mom saying that his condition was getting worse.

Youre still my special one. The only one that can understand me, my dreams, and my ambitions.

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