Monthly Archives: Juli 2015


There are so many unaffordable things which can not you find in another place, except your home. Peace, love, happiness.

As far as you wanna go, as high as you wanna be, you will come back to your home.

I had never imagined i went and left every best moments here. I grew up beside my parent just only 18 years. I should have given them my best but the truth was i have not. I live in another place alone for around 5 years and still miss my home everytime. I miss the way my mom used to wake me up. When i shared my food with my sisters. I love home.

Nevertheless, where is our real home? Where the real peace, love, and happiness do exist. There is a live after live. Just give time the tome. Do we miss our real home? Are we ready to go back our home?


get well soon, buddy

I have been identified as an ambitious person since i was a child. I watched national competition titled Putri Indonesia and said to my aunt sitting next to me, “nanti aku lho yg di atas panggung situ”. I exactly remember what my aunt said in that time, “aamiin, makanya jadi anak yg pinter”

I am always surrounded by people with learning habit so that indirectly build my habit too. It isnt acceptable by all of people around me. Luckily i had met a special one. He made all of my dreams more alive. He dedicated for me, thaugt me everything and gave me what i have never gotten before.

Now he has been spending his time in a hospital for months. I wanna stay awake for him as long as i could, but the truth is i couldnt.

Due to some reasons i just could mention your name in my every pray. May Allah takes away his illness till i can see his shining smile then.

This note i write after i got messages from his mom saying that his condition was getting worse.

Youre still my special one. The only one that can understand me, my dreams, and my ambitions.