Monthly Archives: Juni 2015

if youre the smartest in the room, youre in the wrong room

Have you heard/ read that?

I always remember because i saved that quote in my mobile phone. Nice word plays.

My first presence in IALF testerday was so not-easy-to-describe. There were sixteen students in a room with a native teacher from ausie. If we were ranked, i guessed, im the last. They were very very very smart. They could speak english with good flueny, connotation, coheren, lexical and pronouncation. It makes me speechless and then i texted my mom “im the most stupid here”. My mom just replied “you can”. Short message but not fail me in my hour of need. Motivation.

Suddenly i remember picture that i ever saved in my phone. This is the right place to be grateful for.

Surrounding by smart people, facing struglle, joining competition make life more challenging.

Ielts is not easy. But the skills you learn as you prepare for the test will stand you in a good stead when youre studying or working in an english-speaking environment. Such a great experience. Good luck!