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are you dreamer too?

What should we call for the person having short and long detailed targets, being panic if the the time go away without any result, and stressed in a free time with nothing to do?

It’s me. Like a visionary till people said “jangan terlalu ngoyo, nanti ga kesampaian, jatuhnya sakit“. Sometimes it made feel there’s no one understand.

If you’re like me, ignore that comment! True friends will value you.

Are you dreamer too? Dreamer isn’t negative term. Luckily we still have a brave to dream. If you were dreamer too :

1. Map your targets with their contingencies so you’ll be ready for its possibilities. If A fail, you still have another 25 letters.

2. Do your daily activities directed to your dreams. These examples are mine :

  • Write this page in foreign language to increase my grammar
  • Turn off movie’s subtitle for my conversation’s prosperity
  • Listen my fav music and try to rewrite its lyric
  • Reading foreign newspaper gives me up-to-date information, besides as a good tool for my practice
  • Follow social media accounts related to my dreams
  • I choose periplus, aksara, kinokuniya, or books and beyond as a waiting place

3. Remember that : it’s okay not to be okay. “…but perhaps you hate a thing and it’s good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it’s bad for you” (al baqoroh 216). We’re just planners. Allah SWT knows what’s best for us.

4. Being yourself and idealist are something different. There’s no need to show your dreams off. Make your own motivation without disrespecting others.

5. Praying is the most magical power that i’ve known. Ask your familiy, friends, and others to pray for you.

6. You’re responsible for your own happiness, but you’re still a part of your society. Be humble, lover, positive, and sociable.

7. Make a regular review while looking back on your map. You will realize that you may not be there yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday. Be thankful! Alhamdulillaah, you’re halfway there.

So, do not ever feel alone, afraid, and friendless to put your dreams higher. See me. I’m here with you. We have the same. Since we believe in Allah SWT, there’s nothing impossible. Let’s chase our dreams and good luck!

I’ll wait your success stories ^^