The person who is best suited to us is not the person who shares our every taste (he or she doesnt exist), but the person who can negotiate differences in taste intelligently – the person who is good at disagreement. Rather than some notional idea of perfect complementarity, it is the capacity to tolerate differences with generosity that is the true marker of the “not overly wrong” person. Compatibility is an achievement of love; it must not be its precondition.

kopi hitam

ternyata setengah cangkir kopi hitam tadi sore masih membuatku terjaga karena perasaan yang tidak karuan

tenggelam dalam bacaan dan tulisan menjadi pilihan sambil menunggu habisnya masa kerja kafein itu

ah ginna, besok besok minum teh atau susu saja…

well, setumpuk buku IELTS dan New York Times Novel berusaha mencuri perhatianku

tapi aku rasa minggu ini aku butuh istirahat

karena writing dalam IELTS ga semudah menulis di blog ini

besok besok akan aku share tentang IELTS, biar blog ini bermanfaat untuk orang lain 🙂

bukan hanya curhatan ga penting, ga penting bgt

tapi nanti aja yaaa, sekarang masih pengen curhat.. halah

sore tadi saat buka catatan di handphone lama, ternyata ada tulisan-tulisan jaman muda dulu,

sekarang juga masih muda, tapi agak sedikit dewasa, harusnya sih begitu

setiap orang punya cerita masing-masing

tak akan keliru, tak akan tertukar

begitupun ceritaku, pun ceritamu

aku tak tau hari ini, esok, atau lusa, akan seperti apa aku

yang aku imani, Allah Pembuat skenario terbaik

burung saja terbang dilangit tanpa perlu penyangga

luas hamparan langit yang terbentang tak pernah runtuh

tak ada alasan untuk meragukan kekuasaan Allah, bukan?

hari demi hari kurasakan kerasnya keinginan untuk bermimpi setinggi-tingginya

seperti kupu-kupu yang keluar dari kepompongnya, siap terbang meski tau dirinya hanyalah ulat yang bersayap

sampai hari ini rasanya masih sama

meskipun kondisi sangat tidak memungkinkan

tidak memungkinkan bagiku yaaa, bukan bagi Allah Azza wa Jalla

terkadang aku bertanya, apa aku telah kufur?

dengan kenikmatan duniawi yang Allah telah berikan

melalui cinta dan bahagia dari orang sekitarku

aku malah mencari hal lain

aku ingin menguji batasanku

mencoba mencari hal baru, menantang kelemahanku

aku tersenyum saat membaca catatan-catatan lamaku

aku merasa ginna muda (sekali) sedang duduk disampingku, tersenyum, menepuk bahu dan berkata, “semangat,gin!”

Hug me, yaa Rabb

i couldnt face all of confusions day by day

i wanna end up any insolvable things

ya Rabb, let me close my eyes and meet You and hug You

i am tired

i am afraid

i just don’t know where i should belong

Better become worded

I used to think i couldnt go a day without ur smile. Without telling you things and hearing ur voice back.

Then, that day arrived and it was so damn hard but the next was harder. I knew with sinking feeling it was going to get worse, and i wasnt going to be okay for a very long time.

Because losing someone isnt an occasion or an event. It doesnt just happen once. It happens over and over again. I lose you every time i pick up your fav coffee, whenever that one song plays, or when i discover your old stuff in my room.

I lose you every time i think of wanting you. I go to bed lately and lose you, when i wish i could tell you about my day. And in the morning, when i wake and reach for the empty space accross the sheets, i begin to lose you all over again.



There are so many unaffordable things which can not you find in another place, except your home. Peace, love, happiness.

As far as you wanna go, as high as you wanna be, you will come back to your home.

I had never imagined i went and left every best moments here. I grew up beside my parent just only 18 years. I should have given them my best but the truth was i have not. I live in another place alone for around 5 years and still miss my home everytime. I miss the way my mom used to wake me up. When i shared my food with my sisters. I love home.

Nevertheless, where is our real home? Where the real peace, love, and happiness do exist. There is a live after live. Just give time the tome. Do we miss our real home? Are we ready to go back our home?

get well soon, buddy

I have been identified as an ambitious person since i was a child. I watched national competition titled Putri Indonesia and said to my aunt sitting next to me, “nanti aku lho yg di atas panggung situ”. I exactly remember what my aunt said in that time, “aamiin, makanya jadi anak yg pinter”

I am always surrounded by people with learning habit so that indirectly build my habit too. It isnt acceptable by all of people around me. Luckily i had met a special one. He made all of my dreams more alive. He dedicated for me, thaugt me everything and gave me what i have never gotten before.

Now he has been spending his time in a hospital for months. I wanna stay awake for him as long as i could, but the truth is i couldnt.

Due to some reasons i just could mention your name in my every pray. May Allah takes away his illness till i can see his shining smile then.

This note i write after i got messages from his mom saying that his condition was getting worse.

Youre still my special one. The only one that can understand me, my dreams, and my ambitions.

if youre the smartest in the room, youre in the wrong room

Have you heard/ read that?

I always remember because i saved that quote in my mobile phone. Nice word plays.

My first presence in IALF testerday was so not-easy-to-describe. There were sixteen students in a room with a native teacher from ausie. If we were ranked, i guessed, im the last. They were very very very smart. They could speak english with good flueny, connotation, coheren, lexical and pronouncation. It makes me speechless and then i texted my mom “im the most stupid here”. My mom just replied “you can”. Short message but not fail me in my hour of need. Motivation.

Suddenly i remember picture that i ever saved in my phone. This is the right place to be grateful for.

Surrounding by smart people, facing struglle, joining competition make life more challenging.

Ielts is not easy. But the skills you learn as you prepare for the test will stand you in a good stead when youre studying or working in an english-speaking environment. Such a great experience. Good luck!